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Fun Summer Wedding Food Your Guests Will Love

Summer always brings with it the fun, nostalgic memories of childhood. So if you’re planning a summer wedding, why not incorporate some of your favorite summer foods from when you were a kid? No other foods could possibly be as fun, and they’ll be sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces. Because let’s be honest, who can deny the excitement they feel when they see a childhood favorite treat? Here’s to fun summer wedding food ideas your guests will love!


This is just genius! Everyone loves pizza, and it’s a pleasant surprize to see it at a wedding. Dress it up with fancy toppings or keep it traditional. Either way, pizza at a wedding reception will definitely be a crowd pleaser!

Cotton Candy

Sweet, sweet, cotton candy! What a yummy summer wedding food that instantly creates a fun environment. With this fluffy treat in the room, you can’t go wrong.

Mini Hamburgers

Hamburgers are an American favorite, and if miniaturized, they make the perfect bite-sized wedding food. We love this take on the traditional hamburger – lose the bun and make a fun skewer. Delicious and adorable!

Mini Corn Dogs

You might think corn dogs sound a little too carnival-esk for your wedding, but take a look at this classy rendition of a childhood favorite! Something this simple and unique, served with a side of fries, is enough to make people talk about your reception for years to come.

Watermelon Pizza

Remember those hot summer days filled with outdoor bbq’s and delicious, beloved watermelon? Enough said. That memory alone constitutes the need for this juicy fruit in your summer wedding food plans. Spruce it up a bit for your big day by turning it into a tantalizing watermelon pizza!


Mmm…just reminiscing on those Saturday mornings with syrup-drenched pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon puts a smile on my face. Bring that same joy to your guests by serving up some mini hot cakes at your wedding. A refined presentation of this tasty breakfast food is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the belly!

Ice Cream

If served up with several delicious candy toppings, this mouthwatering treat is one that will bring out the kid in anyone! Bring the love of ice cream to your wedding with a vintage cart, soft-serve machine or hand-delivery from your servers. And to add the most fun possible, cones are a must!

Sugar Cookie Fruit Tacos

Alright, you may not have had this super creative little medley when you were little (if you did, lucky you!), but who didn’t love fruit when they were young? And cookies – now, that’s a no-brainer! Combine the two into a little fruit taco and you have yourself an adorable, unique wedding reception treat!